Sept 19, 2018


Hey! We're on hiatus for a little bit. Thanks to everyone who bought our album, came out to our shows over the years, and made our most recent tour such a blast. Thank you to all the bands we've played with, crashed with, and shared drum stools with, who have become our friends and comrades on the road and at home.


What we're up to now:


The members of A Troop of Echoes continue to make music, record sounds, and explore the frontiers of lunar geology and neuroplasticity.


Dan and Nick, as half of post-punk band Public Policy, released a sweet EP that you can find here.


Oh, by the way! Nick is playing at the Providence Y2K18 International Live Looping Festival as part of WD-41 w/ Dark Matter Horns. That's in October. Don't miss it!


You can find our more-frequent updates on our Facebook page, and a portal to our collective id on Twitter.


Thanks for listening. Thanks for your support. We are, truly, honored.




May 19, 2015

IT'S HERE: Our new album "The Longest Year on Record" is out today! Order the whole shebang in mp3, CD, or LP format over at our "music" page!


April 28, 2015

We're hitting the road! Head on over to our "Shows" page to catch up on our East Coast tour dates. Can't wait to see you there!


April 28, 2015

Holy cow! We just did a sweet interview with the Huffington Post. Check it out to see our thoughts on
sax-driven rock and roll, professionally avoiding burger king, and the hugfest that was our first official gig.
 The interview is here!


April 14, 2015

Our friendly Canadian neighbors at Exclaim have the premiere of Manifest and Legion today.  Check it out!


March 17, 2015

Today, PopMatters is premiering our first single from "The Longest Year on Record." THIS IS RAD!!! Surf on over and check it out!


February 19, 2015

ANNOUNCEMENT TIME: We're psyched to announce that we've partnered with the US / THEM group (the publicity arm of Sargent House Records) to coordinate a nationwide release of The Longest Year on Record this summer. These guys have represented a ton of bands we love, and we're jazzed to be working with them.  Much more soon.  Stay tuned!!


Dec. 31, 2014

Thank you for an amazing 2014. We recorded, mixed, and mastered an album we're really proud of, played some incredible shows, and met a ton of awesome people.  We have some really exciting news to announce in early 2015, including a nationwide release of "The Longest Year on Record."  Stay tuned!


May 1, 2014

Thanks for making our Kickstarter campaign a smashing success!  With your help, we raised $4,020 for “The Longest Year on Record” in just 30 days (160% of our original $2500 goal).  We received contributions from 81 backers from such countries as The United States, Canada, England, Australia, and Malaysia, and it took only a week to fully fund the campaign.  Thanks to your generous support, we are now able to finance the pressing of "The Longest Year on Record" on both CD and vinyl.


A Troop of Echoes loves you.



March 15, 2014


Our sophomore album “The Longest Year on Record” is now fully tracked, mixed, and mastered.  We think it’s kind of a beast.


The years since our first LP “Days in Automation” have seen a lot of personal upheaval in the band, as well as long hours spent on re-framing and re-making our sound.  There have been some serious obstacles, but we’re psyched to have completed the lush, expansive, and very very loud album we’ve always wanted to make.  We think the resulting songs are by far our best, and fortunately when it was time to record we had Graham Mellor on hand to catch them in their anarchic and meditative moods.


The scale of the album is much larger than anything we’ve done in the past. Alongside our usual sax / amps / drums combo,  Graham faithfully captured the sounds of strings, horns, a 13-person drum team, a women’s choir, and walls of feedback.  There were perfect moments when we nailed it on the first take, times we didn’t nail it on the 35th take, and many nights of whiskey and deeply questionable Chinese take-out.  Our vibraphone will never be the same.


Everything was recorded in Providence RI at our living and rehearsal space, except for the closing song “Pure Alexia” which Pete cranked out hurriedly at a Toronto studio in the middle of a blizzard. Then we real quick headed over to The Seaside Lounge in Brooklyn to move faders around with Andrew Schneider. Carl Saff tweaked it even more in Chicago. And soon it will be coming home to you.


It’s amazing how many times this project almost ended in disaster – there were foreclosures, technical glitches, and a mysterious neurological condition that rendered Pete at times unable to play. All in all, the experience of recording was rather like trying to navigate a flaming obstacle course with flair and panache, and at the end getting to punch the obstacle course in the face. We owe a special thanks to Graham and all our guest musicians for that.


There’s no way we could have made the album we did without the help of lots of our close friends. Thank you, and we can’t wait for you to hear it.




January 3, 2014

We spent eight months of 2013 tracking the new album. This thing is finally going to see the light of day in 2014/2015. Get ready. More details, including photos from the sessions, to come soon!



December 19, 2013

After eight months in and out of the studio, we have finally finished tracking the new record. All told, almost 30 people have contributed their beautiful sounds to the effort. Next stop: Brooklyn, to mix this thing with superstar engineer / rad dude Andrew Schneider.



January 20th, 2013:

We didn't sleep in Brooklyn. We rocked it loose from the low ceiling with Glowkid in Philly and Baltimore. All of our shit broke in new Orleans and Nick had to fix it in the backseat. We saw old friends and met some new ones. We ate our weight in local delicacies and listened to Brian Eno and Big Star. We jammed all night in Asheville and slept near the wood stove. We played a bunch of punk shows hoping that kids wouldn't kick us offstage when we brought the slowjams and were blown away when they sang and moshed till we had to close up. We played one of our new favorite spaces in Macon and notably didn't get arrested in Atlanta. We finished more amped-up than we started.


Thanks for coming out to see us. We'll be back.



January 3, 2012

Tour starts in less than a week!  Check the dates on the "Shows" page!



November 4, 2012

"The Shortest Record This Year," our first studio recording since 2010,  is available HERE.



June 12, 2012

What do GZA, Grass Widow, Beach Fossils, Black Dice, Chain and the Gang, Dope Body, The Felice Brothers, Indian Jewelry, Kool Keith, Neil Hamburger, Of Montreal, The Olivia Tremor Control, ?uestlove, Starfucker, and A Troop of Echoes all have in common?  We're all playing the Northside Festival in Brooklyn this week.  Catch us at The Paper Box on Thursday, June 14th! 



May 14, 2012

Rad shows coming up with The Psychic Paramount in Providence and Boston on 5/15 and 5/16.  And another one with The Suite Unraveling at AS220 on June 1st!



January 22, 2012

Ten shows. Eleven days. Sixteen states. One hundred hours in the van. Four thousand miles. Ten Cornish game hens, one pot roast, and 24 black bottom cupcakes. Various and sundry Southern barbecues. Six cases of 'Gansett. One 1976 Airstream trailer. Two common rooms in the USC honors dorm. Countless new friends and experiences. One HELL of a tour.



January 9, 2012

New video! A Troop of Echoes - "Severna" - Live on WRIU

Tour starts Thursday!



December 19, 2011

Winter 2012 tour dates announced!  Check the SHOWS page for details!



November 30, 2011

We're playing a short set live on 90.3 WRIU tonight.  Be among the first humans to hear our two brand-new songs!



November 15, 2011

"Days in Automation" scores a 97% over at Absolute Punk.


November 3, 2011

New dining guide entry!  Head over to our tumblr to read all about a wonderful little place called "Subday."



October 6, 2011

We now have t-shirts!  Head on over to bandcamp to check them out and pick up one of your own!  Thanks to Julia Ramsey, Stuart Window, Chris Dollard, Irene Doyle, and Devil's Rainbow for their skill and hard work.



September 26, 2011

Recording was fantastic this weekend! Its amazing what can be achieved with a simple setup, a good-sounding room, helpful friends, and a clear vision. Wayne Belanger, Joe Hartley, Justin Brierley, and Dave Cousins have helped produced the best-sounding Troop demo yet! Stay tuned for new material!



September 23, 2011

Our new dining guide entry tells the tale of our recent misadventures in NYC, and how bagels did not add to the problem.  In fact, they helped make it better.



September 20, 2011

After months of bashing our electronic heads against the firewall, we've finally worked out the last few kinks here and now have a real website!  Stay tuned to this page for all things A Troop of Echoes.  Huge props to Jackie Sliwinski, Julia Ramsey, Joe Hartley, Stuart Window, and Irene Doyle, who were instrumental in making this website look and feel its best.  Hooray!



September 19, 2011

Heading into the studio this weekend to cut a short demo.  One of the tracks is for a new compilation from Oak Apple Records!



August 14, 2011

We are co-headlining a math-rock / instrumental festival at Cake Shop in NYC.  Check it!



June 2, 2011

Our record label Oak Apple Records just dropped a sampler with one track from each artist on their roster. There's some really interesting stuff. Download it for free!



April 26, 2011

We are psyched to announce that we have been signed to Oak Apple Records for Canadian distribution. They're working with some really interesting folk/rock/prog bands, and we're thrilled to have such supportive friends in the great snowy north. Check them out!



March 24, 2011

We've been nominated for "Best Category Defying Act" in the Providence Phoenix's Best Music Poll for the second year in a row! Nick's other band Glowkid has been nominated as well. Vote here.